Del Lago Academy, Campus of Applied Science has opened its doors for the 2013-2014 school. Funded by Proposition T in 2008, this specialized small high school will serve between 500 and 800 students/scholars on 34 acres of District-owned property in Escondido, CA. The school is working to change how we educate scholars by encouraging young people to be innovators and world citizens.
The mission of Del Lago Academy, Campus of Applied Science is to prepare future scholars, innovators, and world citizens, by:

· Providing the academic skills necessary for postsecondary and global workforce success.;

· Encouraging scholars as innovators to create solutions to local and global problems through empathy, creativity, and collaboration.; and,

· Developing world citizens who are respectful, responsible, ethical, and compassionate.

To achieve these goals, a group of volunteer parents started the Del Lago Academy Foundation. The mission of the foundation is to raise funds, volunteer time, and work with the school to help complete the goal of creating leaders of the future.

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